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District Planning department is one of the eleven (11) departments in the district. The mandate of Planning department is envisaged in the Local Government Act CAP 243 Section 35-37 where Planning Units are established as a Department of Council Responsible for coordinating the development of a comprehensive and integrated District Development Plan and Secretariat to service the District Technical Planning Committee (DTPC).


The District Planning Unit is for fulfilling the function of Local Government Planning Services with Eight (8) Key Outputs of: District Planning, Development Planning, Statistical Data Collection, Demographic Data Collection, Projects Formulation, Management Information Systems, Operational Planning; and Monitoring & Evaluation of Sector Plans.

Core Values for Planning Department

 The department in its services strives to fulfil the following values:

1.     Reliability and Accuracy

2.     Quality

3.     Confidentiality

4.     Timeliness

5.     Accountability and Transparency