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The 2020 projected population for Hoima District is 374500 persons of which 187200 are Females and 187300 are Males, with a Population Growth Rate of 4.3 per annum. The total land area is 1,568.3 sq. kms resulting into a Population Density of 242.3 persons per sq. kms.

Population distribution

Age Structure

The population pyramid for 2019 shows that Hoima district has a young population 0-14 years (46%) as reflected in the population pyramid which is not sustainable but rather a burden in terms of levelling them with human development indicators. A youthful population means that the district’s population will continue to increase because of the large cohorts of young women entering their reproductive stage. This has serious implications, if the district has to change its population age structure. The youthful population poses a big challenge for sustainable development unless investment in it is done in a very deliberate and focused manner.

The productive age group comprised of 15-64 years is 51% and these support the needs of dependents but require employment, skills and access to good health care. The population aged 65+years is 3% which is considered non-productive but dependent and therefore needs social protection interventions for the older persons. Females in reproductive age group (15-49 years) are 24%.

Population Distribution by Sub County

Kigorobya Sub County has the highest population while Kigorobya Town council has the least,. Buseruka and Kyabigambire sub counties follow with 42,504 and 40,979 persons respectively.