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The Education department is mandated to increase the level of basic education by promoting access, equity and quality education for all. The literacy levels in Hoima are relatively low (67%). The sector is comprised of Pre-Primary, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Tertiary and Skills Development; Sports; Special Needs Education; and Education Management, Supervision and Inspection. In order to fulfil the mandate of the department, funding is mainly from CG transfers; which does not cater for pre-primary and special needs education.

Pre-primary Education

The district has close to 270 Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres which are privately owned by the Faith Based Founded, community and individually owned. Majority of the ECD centres are in the urban settings. The total pre-primary enrolment is 4,460; with 2,194 males and 2,266 females (Education Department, 2019).

Primary school Education

According to the UBOS population projections, the net primary enrolment was about 131,320 in 2019. Of these, 56% are males and 43% are females

Secondary school Education

The current number of secondary schools is 5(District Education Department Report for FY 2020/2021). Secondary school enrolment is 20,493 students out of which 10,322 (50.3%) are males and 10,171 (49.7%) are females presenting gender disparities in favor of boys