The Health sector is mandated to the provision of quality health services in order to promote a healthy and productive population as enshrined in the Vision 2040. The main goal of the sector is to reduce morbidity and mortality from the major causes of ill health as a contribution to poverty reduction, economic and social development of the people of Hoima as provided for in the SDG 3 and Goal 3 of Africa Agenda 2063 which call for ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages. The main source of funding for the sector is Central Government and Development partners NGOs and CSOs.

Health services are implemeted at the following levels;  (Government) 1 Regional Referral Hospital, 2 Health Centres IVs, 11 Health Centre IIIs, 12 Health Centres IIs and the VHTs at community level. (PNFP) 1 Health Centre IV, 1 Health Centre III, 2 Health Centres II. There are 7 private profit facilities in the district which report through DHIS2. However, we have a number of other private for profit in the district which are not reporting to the DHIS2