Transport and Works Minister Fred Byamukama has halted distribution of PDM money in Hoima District

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Acting on the President’s directive, ministers kicked off mobilization exercise in different arts of the country for the PDM, the minster halted the distribution of PDM money to beneficiaries in Hoima district.

One of the reasons he gave for the decision is that some people do not know what to do with the money.

PDM is a government programme taking planning, budgeting, implementation and supervision of public policy closer to those 68% rural households outside the formal money economy to boost the sluggish-economic transformation agenda.

The PDM comes against the backdrop of earlier initiatives, including of Entandikwa, Bonnabagagawale, Zoning, NAADS, Four-acre Model, Youth Livelihood program and Women Fund, Operation Wealth Creation, and Emyooga, whose collective performance has been limited.

While meeting Hoima district leaders at Hoima District Council Hall, the minister revealed why he has halted the distribution although the money was already disbursed to the parish accounts.

“If the seven people at the parish are the ones to handle that money, if you allow them to distribute it, it will be automatically eaten and that will be a loss to the government”

He advised those who had formed village associations targeting money from the PDM to use them to benefit from other government programmes such as Emyooga.

During the meeting, councilors showed their dissatisfaction with members of parliament for excluding them in this programme

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