District Development Plan II 2015/16 - 2019/2020

The 2015/16 – 2019/20 Five Year District Development Plan provides a great opportunity for social economic transformation of the people of Hoima District. Section 35(3) of the Local Government Act requires the District Council to cause the preparation and approval of a comprehensive and integrated development plan.  The 2015/16 – 2019/20 Five- Year District Development Plan was prepared in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, other relevant laws and in line with Government Policy that provides for decentralized participatory planning. The 2015/16 – 2019/20 District Development Plan was reviewed according to the Guidelines issued by the National Planning Authority in April 2014, which necessitated the comprehensive formulation of Hoima District Local Government and it guided the process by which the District came up with this 5-year development plan.

During implementation of the DDP I of Hoima District Local Government production of rice peaked to over 100,000 tons, Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) reduced to 88 per 1,000; Maternal Mortality Rate reduced to 353 per 100,000; malaria incidence reduced by 50%; 21 Classroom room blocks were constructed; 8 four in one teachers houses were built; 75 km of community access roads constructed; 6km of district roads upgraded to bitumen standards; and safe water coverage increased to 74.2%

The Five-Year District Development Plan for the period 2015/16 – 2019/20 was a result of a participatory bottom—up consultations and it builds on the achievements made during the last five years. The plan includes the views from all stakeholders (political, civic and development partners). The District Planning Unit basically did the coordination of the whole process, putting together the views of all stakeholders in the development plan.

The process of for developing the Hoima District Development Plan started in October 2014with consultations of Political leaders, Technical Planning Committee, Civil Society Organization and stakeholders in the Budget Conference and continued to follow bottom-up approach which is enshrined in the Local Government Act, CAP. 243 (as amended) section 35.  The main goal of the participatory and bottom up consultations exercise was to produce a Five-Year District Development Plan for the period 2015/16 – 2019/20. The entire process involved a lot of consultation using participatory approach. The plan therefore presents the views and aspirations of the people of Hoima District in the next five years given the opportunities and resources available.

The focus of this plan is to eradicate poverty through good governance, improved transparency and accountability, creating an enabling environment for increased and sustained investments in human resource development and social infrastructure to improve the quality of life and ensure coordinated delivery of services for the people of Hoima District.

I take this opportunity to thank the development partners like World Vision, GAPP, Uganda Red Cross, Sight Savers International, AVSI, AAH, UNHCR, AAH, Reproductive Health Uganda, Malaria Consortium, Stop Malaria, CSWCT, the Hoima Catholic Diocese, Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese, UMSC, BAT Uganda, all the Commercial and Financial Institutions operating in the District, Tullow Oil Uganda, CNOOC, HODFA, Little Hospice to mention but a few for the invaluable contributions already made and continued support towards developing Hoima District.

The District Council is dedicated to improving service delivery and boosting the development of Hoima District to greater. We are also committed towards sustaining our interventions and investments through Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the investments as evidenced by the Operation and Maintenance Plan which is an integral part of this plan. I therefore call upon the Central Government, Donor Agencies, the Private Sector, political and civil leaders and the people of Hoima to offer their support in the implementation of this DDP II. Successful implementation of this plan calls for teamwork, unity of purpose, commitment and transparency through which we shall galvanize our efforts to cause a positive change for our people in Hoima District.

I now call upon my technical team to implement the Plan as we strive to achieve overall goal of  reducing by 10% the proportion of the people living in extreme poverty in extreme poverty by the end of 2020 to ensure ahealthy, well educated productive society with a high quality of life.

I call upon all the people of goodwill to embrace the DDP II goals and strategies and apply them in the development and implementation of programmes and projects for Hoima District. I urge development partners, civil societies and the private to work together with Hoima DLG to align their development efforts towards achieving the DDP II objectives and the District Vision.

I wish to express my appreciation to all those who worked tirelessly to produce the DDP II.