This is Hoima District Local Government website

Hoima District is one of the oldest in the country; it was curved out of Bunyoro Kingdom that had been established under the 1962 Constitution; which later became Bunyoro District under the 1967 Constitution that abolished the Kingdoms in Uganda. In 1974 Bunyoro District was split into North and South Bunyoro; the current Hoima district was part of the South Bunyoro until 1979 when it was changed into Hoima District; later in 1991 Kibaale District was curved out of the Hoima District; leaving Hoima with only Bugahya and Buhaguzi counties; in 2010 Hoima Municipality was created and curved out of Bugahya and later in 2015 Kigorobya County was further created out of Bugahya, giving Hoima the current 4 constituencies.