Hoima District officials on a study tour to KigaliThe sub sector’s main objectives are: to enhance coherence in policy frameworks for the district management in planning, policy formulation and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of district programmes and projects, and institutional and human capacity building both at the district and lower local governments; to inform, educate, and entertain the public through the use of both print and electronic media; and to promote staff development, and welfare.


The sector will achieve the above development objectives by focusing on the following investment priorities:

·         Coordination of development actors in liaison with other departments

·         Mobilization, disbursement and accounting for resources

·         Mentoring of LLGs in order to improve their service delivery capacity

·         Sensitization of local councils and communities on government programmes, policies and laws and their roles and obligations

·         Mentoring of district and lower local councils in bye-laws and ordinances enactment

·         Construction of Council Chambers

·         Monitoring and support supervision of service delivery

·         Establish mechanisms for district information dissemination

·         Strengthen working partnerships with the media fraternity

·         Build capacity of public servants in media relations

·         Formulate a comprehensive information, education and communication strategy

·         Implement a programme for filling up vacant positions especially in the LLGs in line with the approved structure

·         Implement targeted capacity building in areas that support transformation of the district public service

·         Undertake Performance Improvement Training programmes (induction, on-job and clientele charter values)

·         Strengthen the results framework and measures for ensuring compliance to standards

·         Institutionalize a Result Oriented performance management system

·         Strengthen physical records management at both the district and LLGs in terms of human resources, tools and equipment