Meeting with the RDC and technical staff at the District Headquarters to disseminate what was learnt in Kyankwanzi

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The Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Hoima Mr. Emmy Kateera Turyabagyeni has cautioned technical staff against corruption at work place. This was during a meeting with technical staff from both District and Lower Local Governments at the district headquarters youth council hall.  He said corruption is eating away the whole economy of Uganda, and explained that corruption is not only about money but also abuse of office, absenteeism, Negligence, lack of accountability, laziness among others.

Turyabagyeni said as RDCS’ they have the mandate to carryout various activities on behalf of government, most importantly being chief monitors of government programs as stipulated in the constitution of the government of Uganda and the Local Government Act.

The RDC emphasized the importance of launching and commissioning of Government projects as a way of alerting the beneficiaries on what the government is doing for them and make them monitors of their own projects. He said this is a ‘must’for all projects.

He promised to seriously deal with any one mishandling government programs and projects.

The Deputy RDC Michael Kyakashari who attended the same meeting urged members to ensure proper accountability and time management at workplace.

Kyakashari said on Environment they have warned people enough and its now tine to act accordingly.

During the same meeting, the Chief Administrative officer Mr. Elias Byamungu, thanked the RDC for the initiative to share information from Kyankwanzi and called upon everyone to always make sure they do the right thing and follow the right procedure in executing their work. He encouraged members to always share relevant information so that all stake holders move at the same pace.

The Senior Assistant Secretary Kigorobya, Mr. Zachaus Asiimwe who closed the meeting commended the RDC for the initiative and called upon all to meditate upon whatever transpired in the meeting and act according.

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