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Hoima District

Hoima District is located in the Western region of Uganda, lying between longitudes 33° 48' E - 34° 18' E and latitudes 1° 38' N – 2° 20' N. It shares borders with the districts of Masindi in the North and Buliisa in the North West, Kyankwazi in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, and Kibaale in the South. The District Headquarters is situated at Hoima Municipal Council, a road distance of about 220 km from Kampala, the National capital by the most direct route. It has risen to become a major destination for the country thought after investment following the discovery of crude oil.
It is one of the historical towns in Uganda, being at the heart of another historical establishment in the country, Bunyoro Kingdom.

The district has a total area of 5735.3 square kilometres with a land area of 3612.17 square kilometres. The western borders are completely covered by Lake Albert amounting to 2123.13 square kilometres of water. The District was curved out of Bunyoro District in 1974, to become North Bunyoro until 1980 when it became Hoima District, it has been thus to date. However, in 1991 part of the district was curved out to become Kibaale District.